If you have already been through the process of bankruptcy, then you may be working on rebuilding your life. There are many effects that bankruptcy can have on you, and it is important to implement a budget that will help you accomplish your goals. One very pertinent aspect to life after bankruptcy is rebuilding your credit score. Bankruptcy has a very adverse effect on your credit score, and rebuilding can take some time. Refer to these tips in order to effectively pursue the repaired score that you need for your future.

Apply for store and gas credit cards 
These are common places that you spend money, and while you would normally pay cash, using a credit card will help rebuild your credit. Paying the bills on these cards should be relatively simple as you will have the cash that you would normally put towards these expenses, and you can pay the bills with this cash.

Pay utilities and rent on time 
Paying various bills on time such as utilities and rent looks good on a credit report and shows that you can handle your bills in a responsible manner.

Stay away from payday loan advances 
While you may need cash quickly in a tight spot; these payday advances are high interest loans and are essentially a bad credit trap.

Be patient 
Ultimately, rebuilding credit will take time. As long as you pay your bills on time and make small charges on your credit cards that you are easily able to pay back, then the only real factor in rebuilding your credit will be time.


Whether you have already been through the process, or if you are considering bankruptcy as a means of relief, you need to have skilled representation on your side that can effectively help you pursue the results and the relief that you need. At the David McCormick Law Group, we are skilled and highly experienced bankruptcy lawyers that understand the process and can provide you with the legal assistance that you need on your side.

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