While bankruptcy can provide an amicable solution for overwhelming debt, it is not the answer to all financial issues. In some cases, it may not even be the right choice for certain individuals or families, and another alternative might be more appropriate. Below we have listed some of the things that are not possible when filing bankruptcy.

  1. There are certain debts that are excluded from being discharged, according to Virginia bankruptcy laws. This includes the following items:
    • Alimony, child support or any other form of support money owed
    • Any income tax debts from the past 3 years
    • Any and all fines from a traffic violation or criminal offense
    • Student loans (except in extreme circumstances)
    • Restitution owed to a family for causing personal injury or death from driving under the influence
    • Any and all debts that were missed in the original bankruptcy papers
  2. Certain "secured" creditors have rights over your home or car. They may have taken your mortgage or another property lien as collateral in a loan, but if the loan cannot be paid back you may not be able to keep the collateral. Arrangements can be made to make smaller payments to these creditors over time through bankruptcy, but the debts typically cannot be simply dismissed.
  3. If there was a cosigner on the loan that has increased with unpaid debt, the cosigner may be responsible to pay for some of the loan, or in some cases, the entire amount owed.


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