Posted on 03 06,2013

Many of our clients who experience financial difficulty make the final decision to file bankruptcy after having their wages garnished. Most garnishments are for 25% of the gross wages and can drastically reduce the net take home pay.

At the David McCormick Law Group, our Virginia Beach bankruptcy attorneys take the following steps to stop garnishments. Once stopped, you can expect our team to work diligently in order to recover as much of the income that was taken from you, as is allowed by law. We can do so by doing the following:

  1. The day after the bankruptcy case is filed we are in contact with our client's payroll department to get the garnishment stopped immediately, which the bankruptcy code allows for.
  2. We then calculate the total amount of wages that have been garnished and put a claim in for as much money as the law allows. We cannot recover any money that has been previously distributed to the creditor at the garnishment summons date. (The garnishment return date is the date that the Virginia court will turn over the garnished wages to the creditor). We are able to get the money back to the client shortly before or after the creditors 341 meeting, which is approximately 4-5 weeks after the bankruptcy filing.
  3. By listing the creditor that started the garnishment, the remaining debt owed to this creditor will be eliminated or discharged.

Timing is the critical component to any legal process. The sooner that you get in touch with a qualified bankruptcy lawyer, the quicker you may have found yourself free and clear of unwanted wage garnishments. After having helped over 10,000 clients in nearly two decades, our reputation speaks for itself. Filled with integrity and commitment to each and every one of our clients, we will not easily relent in protecting your financial future, should you choose to work with us.


While it may seem overwhelming and seemingly impossible to know what to do when facing wage garnishment, with the appropriate legal assistance from our firm, you may just find the peace of mind that you deserve. Allowing our Virginia Beach bankruptcy lawyers to handle your case from the very beginning can significantly cut down on the level of stress and financial hardship that you may be currently experiencing.

For the past 17 years, our attorneys have gathered the necessary skills and knowledge to know how to achieve your best options. Do not let debt to overcome your life or your wages to be taken from you. Talk with our office today and learn about receiving a no-obligation free consultation. You have nothing to lose!

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