Posted on 06 13,2013

For the past three years, bankruptcy attorneys David M. McCormick and Ismael Calderón Jr. have been members of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Hampton Roads (HCCHR). This means that we are actively supporting local business and the community. Part of this entails spreading awareness of the significance of minority business people. We also strive to ensure that local businesses engage in fair competition, as the HCCHR is vigilant against abuse in commerce. We also want to contribute to the community, as we not only sponsor the HCCHR and its goals of fostering healthy local business, but also work toward a united and beautified community.

n our own practice, we are a diverse firm, committed to providing wise and personable legal support to a diverse community. Not only is this our aim, but we are equipped to provide service to a larger community, as at our firm we have a Spanish-speaking attorney, paralegal, and receptionist. We offer exceptional service in both the Spanish and English languages. In addition, our firm's employees reflect many different nationalities, and at times Attorney McCormick has referred to his team as resembling the United Nations.

We also understand that for any family, this can be a trying time, and we want to be there for you with compassionate legal assistance to help you and your family move on in life. That is why we offer both a free case evaluation and a free initial consultation, so that your first steps to legal counsel are at absolutely no cost to you. Our client-centered services are also affordable, and we work with our clients to make a payment plan that works for them. To have a committed attorney come alongside and help you successfully navigate this process, contact McCormick & Calderón today!

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