Posted on 01 04,2014

If you are asking yourself the questions of "How do I file for bankruptcy?", chances are you are already in financial trouble. Perhaps you have substantial debt from credit cards, loans or bills and have been dealt a costly blow to your finances and life. These setbacks can come in the form of losing a job, house or car or many other ill-fated situations. While you are undoubtedly experiencing a high amount of stress from the piling debts against you and the unknown nature of your future, there are options for you to explore.

Contrary to popular belief, there are many options when it comes to filing bankruptcy. While there are numerous factors impacting your case, there is a bankruptcy procedure that can effectively handle all of these factors and leave you in the best position to start your life off fresh. To properly explore these options, it is strongly advised that you consult with an experienced and compassionate lawyer from our firm today. We are happy to sit down with each of our clients, listen to their situations and fears and ultimately provide a solution and guiding hand to bring them peace of mind over their situation. A skilled litigator from our office will handle all of the necessary paperwork, filings and assorted minutia that comes along with such a legal proceeding.

McCormick and Calderon is proud to serve the residents of Virginia Beach, Newport News and Norfolk. With over 17,000 cases processed in its 17 plus year history, the David McCormick Law Group are experts at handling bankruptcy and financially related legal matters. You can rest assured that your case and future are in good hands. If you have any questions about your situation or would like to discuss any aspect of your financial situation further, do not hesitate in contacting the firm today. With multiple locations in the Hampton Roads area, we have many locations to serve you.

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