Can My Employer Fire Me If I File For Bankruptcy?

Posted on 10 31,2016

Bankruptcy is a way in which an individual can resolve any outstanding debt, avoid financial ruin and regain control of his or her life. If you have found yourself in the unfortunate situation of having more debt than you can feasibly pay off, it is in your best interests to contact a Virginia Beach bankruptcy attorney and discuss how bankruptcy can help you. It does not matter if your debt was incurred following a divorce, as a result of unexpected medical expenses, after the loss of a job, due to bad investments, from overextended credit or for any other reason, bankruptcy can help put an end to your financial woes.

It is important to remember when filing for bankruptcy that it is a personal matter. Your family does not need to know about your bankruptcy, and neither do your friends or employer. Unless you owe one of them money, or an employer runs a background check, there is very little chance any of them will find out about your filing. You will also be relieved to know that you cannot be fired if you file for bankruptcy. If your employer attempts to demote you, lower your hours, minimize your salary or take away any of your current responsibilities as a result of you filing for bankruptcy, it could be a case of illegal discrimination. Discriminating against an employee simply on the grounds that he or she made the difficult decision to file for bankruptcy is unacceptable.

There are certain government and high-security clearance positions wherein having a large volume of unpaid debt could put your security clearance at risk. An individual with significant, unresolved debts is often viewed as being more inclined to take a bribe in exchange for confidential information. Certified Public Accountants and other financial experts whose jobs are based on an ability to properly manage finances, may experience a negative impact on their reputation, however they cannot be fired as a result of filing for bankruptcy. If you have additional questions about whether or not bankruptcy may be right for you, call the David McCormick Law Group and schedule to meet with one of our skilled bankruptcy attorneys right away. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you determine how to proceed.

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