Bankruptcy Assistance for Members of the Military

Posted on 10 31,2016

Financial difficulties can befall any individual, regardless of his or her occupation, social standing, income, age, gender or any other factor. While filing for bankruptcy may be a very real and viable option for most people whose expenses far exceed their income, the same does not hold true for members of the military. In the majority of cases, the Department of Defense (DOD) considers filing for bankruptcy to be grounds for disciplinary action. The DOD believes that any member of the military who has a massive amount of unresolved debt, may be more susceptible to bribes and other methods of coercion, thus posing a higher risk to military safety and security. The DOD also expects military members to exemplify the highest level of ethics and morals, both on the job and in their personal lives.

If you are a member of the military and you have found yourself unable fulfill your financial obligations, we strongly advise you contact the David McCormick Law Group at once. Our firm has years of experience helping members of the military resolve their financial issues through the use of bankruptcy or any of the alternatives to bankruptcy. We understand the stress financial problems can present, particularly when one's career, security clearance and future are at risk.

We also know how difficult it can become when you are trying to do your military duties and you are constantly being harassed or threatened by debt collectors, or worse yet, those debt collectors are trying to contact your superiors to elicit payment of your personal debt. Our firm can help. We will be able to review your financial situation, help gain understanding and cooperation from your commanding officer, advise you of the legal options available to you and provide you with the dedicated representation you deserve. If you need bankruptcy assistance, contact a skilled Virginia Beach bankruptcy attorney from our firm today.

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