Posted on 06,13,2013

      For the past three years, bankruptcy attorneys David M. McCormick and Ismael Calderón Jr. have been members of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Hampton Roads (HCCHR). This means that we are actively supporting local business and the community. Part of this entails spreading awareness of the significance of minority business people. We also strive to ensure that local businesses engage in fair competition, as the HCCHR is vigilant against abuse in commerce. We also want to contribute to the community, as we not only sponsor the HCCHR and its goals of fostering healthy local business, but also work toward a united and beautified community.

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      Posted on 06,11,2013

      Divorces bring on alot of financial distress. Couples that had two incomes together now have just one income with a new set of expenses. Many times financial problems create the divorce and the divorce just compounds the problems. The financial impact of a divorce can be devastating to one or both spouses. Associated with the additonal financial burdens is alot of stress and uncertainty. Many adjustments have to be made, lifestyles often lowered, and spending reined in. With unpaid or late payments, interests rates soar and creditor pressure is applied. Not only are the adults affected, but the children are too.

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      Posted on 06,07,2013

      More and more Americans are not only tracking their credit scores they are guarding and protecting their credit scores at all costs. They understand how a lower score can impact their ability to obtain credit and also how much they will pay for obtaining the credit. The amount of the interest rate is related to the credit scores. Works the same whether you are buying a car or some furniture. It fact it wasnt until the past few years that we had many clients bring this up at our free bankruptcy consultation. Now we are often told by potential clients that one of the main reasons for them wanting to file a chapter 7 is to clean up their bad credit.

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      Posted on 06,04,2013

      While Memorial Day has passed, that doesn't mean we should stop giving appreciation to the men and women who bravely serve our country. We at David McCormick Law Group would like to give a special salute to our clients who have served in the military, as well as all the other military personnel in the local area. If you are member of the military, we want you know that there are multiple ways in which we can provide you with assistance—first, we can provide you with high-quality legal representation in a number of different areas; and two, we can provide you with an additional discount for our services if you are an active service member. By providing our military discount year-round, we make sure to salute our military members each month of the year.

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