Posted on 03,23,2013

      According to information collected by the American Bankruptcy Institute, there were approximately 1.2 million bankruptcies filed in the United States during 2012. While that figure is quite large, it is still about 200,000 fewer bankruptcy filings than the year before. Experts predict that the decline in bankruptcy filings will continue through 2012 as well. Unfortunately, this decline did not carry through into foreclosures in Virginia Beach, VA. Reports show that nearly one out of every 81 homes in Virginia Beach, one out of every 80 homes in Norfolk and one out of every 88 homes in Newport News, were facing foreclosure in 2012.

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      Posted on 03,06,2013

      Many of our clients who experience financial difficulty make the final decision to file bankruptcy after having their wages garnished. Most garnishments are for 25% of the gross wages and can drastically reduce the net take home pay.

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