If you are faced with serious debt problems that you are completely unable to solve, you may be considering bankruptcy as a way to seek relief. Filing for bankruptcy could be the best decision you could make to solve your financial problems. There are huge benefits of bankruptcy, including getting a completely fresh start and freed from credit card debt and other unsecured consumer debt. To find out if bankruptcy will work for you, call a Virginia Beach bankruptcy lawyer from the David McCormick Law Group today. At our firm, you'll find that our friendly and caring staff is dedicated to providing every client with exceptional service and we work hard to obtain the best outcome for each and every person we serve.


In debt relief options, the most effective and all-encompassing solution is filing for bankruptcy. There are many bankruptcy myths that can be found on the internet and from friends and associates, but you should get accurate information from a trusted source if you are considering filing. It is not accurate that people who file for bankruptcy will permanently ruin their credit or that they will lose everything. The truth is that there are many benefits of bankruptcy, and it may be less damaging to your credit than a home foreclosure.

Some benefits of bankruptcy include preventing creditors from being able to contact you and putting an end to threatening phone calls, letters and lawsuits. Filing for bankruptcy could allow you the time to make arrangements to avoid foreclosure on your home, get rid of your unsecured debt such as medical bills, credit card debt, payday loans and personal loans, and giving you the fresh start you need. The federal bankruptcy laws were put in place to help those who are under a crushing debt load that is impossible to manage, and to give these people the opportunity to start over financially. Our legal team can evaluate your situation and advise you about whether you qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, and about the bankruptcy exemptions in our state. Most of our clients lose nothing – except debt. Once you have filed for bankruptcy, you can carefully manage your finances to rebuild your credit and get back on the road to financial stability. Call our firm today for a free case evaluation to determine if bankruptcy is right for you.

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