Just like many other people throughout the U.S., military members can easily fall into overwhelming debt. According to the Department of Defense (DOD), it is the responsibility of all military members to always keep their finances in order, make payments on time and do their best to stay away from debt. In some cases, serious debt can even be reason for disciplinary action.

For those that have found themselves in unavoidable debt, it is important to know that the DOD does recognize bankruptcy as a reliable option to relieve military members from their debt. It is extremely important that if you are a member of the military that is facing financial hardship, that you seek out a bankruptcy lawyer right away. They can speak to your commanding officer or security processor to help you keep your job as you seek out bankruptcy or some other form of debt relief.


When faced with insurmountable debt, creditors will often hound those who owe money until they pay. Under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) passed into legislation in 2003, military members are supposed to be under a certain level of protection; however, in some ways they are even more vulnerable to creditors than other civilians. Below we have listed a few reasons why this is the case.

  1. Creditors act in an aggressive manner: This is greatly due to the fact that they know military members have a certain pressure on them to remain out of debt. They also know that because they have excellent benefits that they most likely have extra income to pay off their debts. Many times these creditors will call a soldier's command to collect, which they know will be cause for great fear for the servicemember. They will not only receive a reprimand, they could potentially be at risk to lose their job. This kind of behavior can be put to an end with the appropriate legal action from a Virginia Beach bankruptcy attorney
  2. Security clearance at risk: Military members all have a certain level of security clearance that they must maintain in order to keep their position. The government sees it as a risk to security if those with clearance are in unresolved debt. Bribery and financial coercion for classified information is much more likely for those that are in a tight financial spot. Federal employees and military members are at risk for losing their jobs if they do not attempt to repay their debts, as they are seen as risk to general security. A reliable lawyer can work with you to help you keep your clearance level by helping you pursue bankruptcy.
  3. Protecting reenlistment bonuses: These are labeled as assets in a bankruptcy just as a car, home or other personal property would be. Unfortunately, they can be taken without the proper protection and used to satisfy certain debts. Work with a bankruptcy lawyer in Virginia Beach who can help look out for your best interests throughout the duration of your case by calling our firm today.


No matter how complex your case is or the amount of debt that you are facing, at the David McCormick Law Group we are determined to find the best solution for you and your family. As a member of the military, the last thing on your mind should have to be your finances and worrying about the future of your home or your family. You should be able to focus on your missions out in the field without worry. Be sure to contact our office in Virginia Beach if you are in the midst of overwhelming debt. We offer $150 off when you print out our coupon today. Call us at (757) 918-8365 for your free initial consultation!

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