In addition to the comprehensive analysis of your situation, the David McCormick Law Group offers all those interested in filing for bankruptcy an expedited service for completing the legal work in only twenty days. This is virtually unheard of in the legal industry and stands as a testament to our unrivaled level of dedication to every client and our durable work ethic. As the bankruptcy process is full of dense and convoluted paperwork, highly technical legislation, and intense emotions, it often proves to be an extremely frustrating time for many who have enough to worry about already.

The twenty-day completion service charges the same fee as any other firm's traditional legal aid. In addition to the affordability of our services, our firm also understands that these are tough times and we are flexible with arranging payment plan options. By allowing us to work with you, we can quickly and accurately complete all the necessary legal work and allow you to focus on organizing and preparing for your new life.


Our firm also takes pride in providing extensive case evaluations and financial analysis for each new client, free of charge. Upon first meeting with one of the highly experienced and qualified bankruptcy attorneys from our firm, you will immediately see that the David McCormick Law Group is not your typical law firm. In fact, the friendly, caring, and honest atmosphere in our offices highlights the mentality of our entire legal team. We are focused on helping those whose financial struggles have impacted nearly all aspects of their personal lives and we enjoy providing them and their families with hope for a better future when they are discouraged.

At the initial consultation, we will closely evaluate the case and your current situation, making sure to quickly and accurately address any of your concerns and questions. We also provide written bankruptcy assessments, divorce evaluations, and written fee quotes at no extra charge. Our goal is to help, not to push you through our doors. Even if you are hesitant about retaining legal counsel for the bankruptcy process, we encourage you to bring your case to the attention of our firm for free legal advice. Learn how we can help bring your case to a smooth and successful conclusion.


Despite having served more than 17,000 clients with legal assistance for the bankruptcy process, the David McCormick Law Group still treats each new client as if he or she is our very first. We implement our experience and excellence in solving legal issues and unforeseen complications for clients' cases as if the case was our own and as if the success of our law firm was riding on that one case.

We never pressure clients into decisions that they are uncomfortable with and we never treat them as if they were a number. We've found that this client-focused philosophy provides not only the most welcoming climate, but it also gives us the tools, open communication, and collaborative effort needed to get the most favorable results.


With the help of the David McCormick Law Group, you can begin taking the steps toward alleviating your financial worries and building a better future with your family. Our services are designed to provide you with legal aid throughout the entire bankruptcy process. We aim to equip you with the knowledge, resources, and skills necessary to successfully maintain a positive and more economically sound future for you and your loved ones.

At our firm, we make it a point to demonstrate that all of our Virginia Beach bankruptcy lawyers are here for you and that we work toward fulfilling your goals, objectives, and decisions. With our free case evaluations, unparalleled client attention, and twenty-day program, our firm stands out from the rest.

To speak with an attorney or to learn more about our twenty-day bankruptcy services, contact the David McCormick Law Group today.

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