At the David McCormick Law Group, our legal team helps people who are struggling under an impossible debt load, and a chance to get a fresh start. We have served in over 17,000 cases, and are highly experienced, and take our duties and responsibilities to our clients to heart. We have seen good, hardworking people that suffer under terrible stress, due to the inability to pay outstanding bills. There are a variety of actions that could be taken to resolve problems with creditors, and you deserve to find out which method would give you the greatest amount of debt relief. Many people in the Hampton area have lost jobs, or had hours reduced. Although the economy is slowly recovering, this may not be significant to you if you are the one that is struggling to make ends meet. We take the time needed to review each of our clients' personal financial situations and come up with a workable solution that produces the greatest degree of relief. This could be filing for bankruptcy. The two forms of bankruptcy that help individuals and couples most frequently are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Each form has its benefits and drawbacks. The most impressive and long term benefit for those who file Chapter 7, or personal bankruptcy, is that a large number of unsecured consumer debts are completely discharged. There is little doubt that being free of debt you can't pay is a major relief. This is the most significant advantage of this form of bankruptcy.

If you have bills that you just cannot pay, such as medical bills, maxed credit cards, certain payday loans and other types of unsecured debt, including personal loans, it is likely that if you qualify to file Chapter 7. You can be completely free from this burden, and can move ahead with a fresh financial start. In order to qualify to file Chapter 7, you must fall within a certain level financially, called the state median. When you take the means test, it will determine if you qualify.

It is extremely important that you submit the means test with 100% accuracy, as you could create a problem for yourself if you have made errors, or do not list all debt or assets. Most people that are unable to pay their bills will qualify, but if there are options for those who do not. Chapter 13 is a good solution for those who have a steady paycheck, as you will have the opportunity to pay off overdue bills in one monthly payment over a 3 – 5 year period. If you have a co-signer on your home and are facing foreclosure, or if you have too many assets to qualify for Chapter 7, this could be a great benefit to you.


There are several alternatives to bankruptcy that may better serve you. You deserve to have accurate information about what can be done to help recover financially and get back on track. It is far better to get help from an attorney that can review your situation and determine what would best resolve your debt problems. In some cases, it is filing for bankruptcy, but not in all cases. Avoid listening to any of the bankruptcy myths and get the information you need about debt relief from a trusted source. We can advise you about what to expect in the bankruptcy process and in your life after bankruptcy. The first step is finding out about qualifying for bankruptcy. If you are concerned about matters such as rebuilding credit, we understand how to assist you to resolve credit problems, and also the steps to take to rebuild credit after filing for bankruptcy.

You also have the option of "assignment for the benefit of creditors," a process available to debtors in Virginia. This process allows for a third party to sell your assets and pay off creditors. There are few people that qualify under this state provision, but this is a possibility for some who are in serious financial trouble and want to avoid filing for bankruptcy.


We have served more than 17,000 clients in bankruptcy and debt relief. We are highly experienced, but the aspect that we feel is important to our clients is not just our legal skills – it is the fact that we truly care about our clients, and we feel a powerful sense of duty to help them recover after a serious financial disaster. We are friendly, completely focused on helping you, and we have the skills and experience you want on your side.

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