In the simplest of terms, debt relief can be any number of actions that provides a person who is in debt some form of assistance with their financial struggles. Debt relief can come in a variety of forms and legal actions, including bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, loan modifications and others. Whether you will be able to arrange an appropriate form of debt relief with or without formal legal action depends on the nature of your debt and your financial circumstances. A bankruptcy lawyer from the David McCormick Law Group can assess your case and determine the best course of action for providing you with debt relief.


Choosing the appropriate form of debt relief depends on your financial situation and what you wish to accomplish. For individuals who feel as if their debt is insurmountable, options such as bankruptcy may prove to be a healthier option, as you may have the ability to discharge certain debts or have protection of a bankruptcy court from collection agencies. For short-term or temporary financial struggles, alternatives to bankruptcy such as out of court loan modifications or payment plan restructuring may provide you with the means to successfully manage your debts while avoiding the formal bankruptcy process.

At the David McCormick Law Group, we understand that bankruptcy cases are unique and we make it a point to personally evaluate the financial situation of each new client. By working closely with you, we can inform you of your options and can explain which form of debt relief will achieve your goals in the most successful resolution possible. At your initial consultation, you will receive a free written bankruptcy evaluation that can equip you with information about the scope of your debt and the ways in which our qualified attorneys can work toward achieving debt relief.


With or without bankruptcy, our experienced attorneys are focused on providing you with the assistance needed to alleviate your financial worries and help relieve your debts. These cases are all extremely unique and discussing your case with a knowledgeable professional is essential to a satisfactory resolution. With more than 17,000 clients served and Attorney McCormick's experience as a former bankruptcy professor at Regent University's school of law, our legal team is well-versed in assessing cases and positively instructing those in need. If you or a loved one is experiencing debt problems, contact the David McCormick Law Group to learn about your options for debt relief.

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