Debt Litigation


If you are facing a lawsuit by a creditor over a debt, it is vital that you contact a Virginia Beach debt litigation attorney with our firm immediately. At the David McCormick Law Group, we have helped over 17,000 clients in debt relief and we are prepared to help you fight back against debt-related lawsuits. Our dedication to clients is unrivaled in the industry. If you retain an attorney from our firm, you can be confident that your interests and your future financial health will be the guiding factor in every action we take.


Over our years in practice, we have found that our clients are hardworking, responsible people that have run into tough financial times, usually through no fault of their own. Job loss, a slowed economy, medical bills or a divorce are common situations that lead to serious debt problems. There is a great deal of stress and anxiety that goes along with the inability to pay off debt, whether credit cards or other types of loans. A creditor may file a lawsuit with the goal of gaining access to your paycheck to garnish your wages, the funds available in your bank accounts, or to repossess your property or other threats to your future. Facing a lawsuit from a creditor can be a frightening experience, but when we take you on as a client, you have a legal professional that knows how to fight back against debt-related lawsuits on your side.

There are several options that could be successful in helping you to defend you against a lawsuit, including filing for bankruptcy or contacting and negotiating with creditors to arrange an affordable payment schedule. However, if the case goes to civil court, we carefully plan a strategy to defend against the suit. Creditors assume that the majority of defendants will not fight back, and are frequently unprepared for a real defense. They often lack the actual documents needed to prove that you owe the debt, allowing for the case against you to be dismissed. In recent years, there have been many cases of mortgage fraud, even with the most respected, larger lenders. We should review your situation immediately to determine how to proceed in defending against a lawsuit. Call us today for a full review of your situation.

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